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Male Gildanesti
Classes: Commoner 4
Alignment: N

Glann Teralshall (Glahn Teh-rahl-shahl') (12/22/264 AD – current) is the father of Aynal Teralshall. His wife Lilan prompted the young Aynal to run from home. He is also mother of Clamora, Aynal's twin sister, and a son Poul. She was married to Glann Teralshall.

After his daughter ran away from home, he began a widespread search for Aynal. However her location was unknown until the next century when he found out she was now in charge of the Tashrama's branch in Breenaak. He has ventured to visit his daughter once in that time, but primarily he spends his time farming fruits, vegetables, tobacco, and grains. Quietly he is a supporter of the Great Lord Sovereign, but politics on such a scale has never been important to him.