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The God's Eye is a magical Artifact created by the god Nuitari during the early Age of Mortals. He made the eye to help find Krynn during the time when Takhisis stole the world. It did not help him find Krynn but it did become a valuable tool for him. The eye is a large Dragonmetal bowl. It looks like a Dragon coiled up with its tail forming the bowl. The eye allows for scrying to be done on Krynn and other planes of existence.

If a normal liquid is used in the bowl then it allows normal scrying like from a crystal ball. If fresh dragon blood is used then the user can scry any location on any plane. Also, certain spells could be cast through the eye to the location. The God's Eye can only be used by Clerics or Wizards. If a Mystic or Sorcerer attempts to use the eye then the liquid in the bowl will boil away immediately.

After Nuitari had the Tower of the Blood Sea rebuilt, he placed the God's Eye in the Chamber of Eyes.


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