Golgren (? - ? AC) was the ambitious Grand Lord of the Kern Ogres. His father was an ogre chieftain and his mother was an elf who was taken captive by the ogres. He quickly rose to power when the Knights of Neraka invaded the nation of Kern. Golgren is unmarried, but does keep a female elf as his personal concubine. He also bathed regularly, was well groomed, and wore perfumes. Even though he acts more civilized than other ogres, he can be very brutal. Golgren can speak Minotaur, Common, and High Ogre, which he prefers to do in private.

Golgren doesn't look like your typical ogre. He is a head shorter than most ogres, slim build with his appearance less flat and more narrow, he does not have the squashed, blunt nose as other ogres, has the sharp teeth, files down his tusks to nubs, a thick brow, almond-shaped green eyes, thick black hair, and great cunning and wit.

Early Life

Golgren was born as the son of a minor ogre chieftain in a remote ogre village in the region of Kern. His father had taken a female elf captive and she bore him a son, who was named Guyvir. The young Guyvir's mother was cared for and even doted on by his brutish father, and his mother taught her son the skills of diplomacy, use of the longbow and many other arts. Whilst in turn his father taught him the art of war and how to lead the ogres.

During the early part of the Age of Mortals, Guyvir succeeded his father as chieftain of the village and entreated the Knights of Solamnia into training his ogres and teaching them tactics, in the hopes of driving away marauding Knights of Takhisis in 418 AC. The Solamnics, led by Rose Knight Cornwell, soon discovered that Guyvir, who was using them as bait for the Dark Knights, had effectively manipulated them. Guyvir's forces defeated the Dark Knights and the Solamnics were allowed to leave in peace. His people who accorded him every respect, as a mighty warrior and cunning tactician, heralded the young half-ogre chieftain as a hero. At some point following this, Guyvir changed his name to Golgren.

War of Souls

During the War of Souls, Golgren saw his chance to run the ogre nation of Kern and gained control over the Grand Khan Zharang I'Urkarun Dracon. Golgren made Zharang a puppet, while Golgren pulled his strings and ran the nation. Golgren was the one whom set up the alliance with the Minotaur Empire to try and take over Ansalon.

During this time, Golgren also took control over the other ogre nation of Blöde. Faros Es-Kalin confronted Golgren, and a duel ensued. During this fight Faros cut off Golgren's right hand, and Golgren fled from the fight. He quickly found himself a burning torch, and with it he cauterized the wound not screaming once. He then had the right hand mummified and he wore it around his neck.

By the time of autumn of 421 AC, Golgren had had two rivals already try to kill him for being a weak ogre for only having one hand. He killed them both and his grip over Kern and Blöde tightened. At one point he tricked Maritia de-Droka into showing that she was lying to him. He arrested her for conspiring with rebels on the order of her brother Ardnor de-Droka.

When the alliance between the Minotaur Empire and the ogres was through, Golgren retreated back with his ogres to their nations. Their actions at this time are unknown.


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