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Goodlund is located east of Balifor, south of the Minotaur Empire, and southeast of Khur. The geographical features of the lands are the Blood Sea of Istar, which borders the northern coast and the Southern Courrain Ocean on the south and east. The forests of Wendle Woods and Beast's Run are located on the west and southern portion of the land, while the rivers Lifesbreath and Heartsblood lead out into The Maw. Furthermore, several prominent geographical features are located along the coastline, including the Writhing Wreck, Habbakuk's Necklace, the Restless Waters, Thunderhead, Boiler's Bay, Churning Reach, Mistlestraits, Land's End, and the Sombre Coast.

Age of Despair

Goodlund was created following the Cataclysm that struck Krynn. The lands that formed Goodlund were formerly the nations of Balifor and Dravinaar. These lands are now comprised of the Elian Isles, the Hollowlands, Kendermore, the Laughing Land, Northern Dairly Plains, Southern Dairly Plains, and the Misty Isle.

During the War of the Lance, the White Dragonarmy invaded Goodlund in the winter of 348 AC - 349 AC. The dragonarmy's intention was to isolate the kender of Kendermore, while the evil creatures of the Laughing Lands have either allied with the White Wing or were impressed into the army's service. The Dairly Plains are the only area of Goodlund that withstood the dragonarmy's advance and continued its resistence throughout the war.

At the end of the war in 352 AC, Kronin Thistleknot lead a rebellion against the Black Dragonarmy and was able to throw them out of Kendermore and Balifor. The Black Wing retreated into eastern Goodlund and continued to control the area well after the major fighting of the war subsided.

Age of Mortals

In 386 AC (3 SC), a Dragon Overlord by the name of Malystryx invaded Goodlund. Most of the people were killed or driven from the land, and Malystryx began reshaping the land to suit her draconic tastes. The land grew much hotter, with mountains that literally sprang out of the ground. The land formerly known as Goodlund came to be called the Desolation.

In 421 AC (38 SC), Malystryx was killed during the War of Souls. With Malys's death, it is uncertain what will become of her domain. Goblins, draconians, and ogres still wander the land in their tribes, with a few human and kender settlements along the coastline. Kender have begun attempting in reclaiming Kendermore, and Chislev's agents have begun to reclaim the landscape.


  • Kendermore - Capital
  • Balinost
  • Bolt
  • Charred
  • Coverton
  • Darkhaven
  • Falsh
  • Farholm
  • Grimdel
  • Grulash
  • Hillshar
  • Khomar
  • Ran-Kersh
  • Ran-Khal
  • Ran-Kho
  • Ran-Mol
  • Ripzh
  • Ssthik
  • Szlash
  • Trade
  • Woodsedge


Mystical and Holy Sites

  • Maddening Springs
  • The Hidden Path

Geographical Features

  • Balif Valley
  • Beast's Run
  • Bristle River
  • Desolation's End
  • Far Spires
  • Hotfoot Hills
  • Jade Coast
  • Norreach Coast
  • Peak of Malys
  • Shield Mountains
  • Shrine of Zeboim
  • Sombre Coast
  • The Crags
  • Wendlewrithing
  • Willow River