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Gradic Es-Kalin (ca 365 AC419 AC) was the youngest brother of former Minotaur Emperor Chot the Terrible and father of reigning Emperor Faros Es-Kalin. He was the least favored of Chot’s siblings, but still profited from his status, living in a fine villa in Nethosak. He was killed as part of the coup during the Night of Blood in 419 AC for being a member of the Es-Kalin Clan. He sired three other children in addition to Faros; Crespos Es-Kalin, Tupo Es-Kalin, and Resdia Es-Kalin. His wife’s name is unknown. Gradic’s home was assaulted by Hotak de-Droka’s assassins, who burned down the house and killed everyone inside, save for the servant Bek who managed to survive, and the absent Faros, who was off gambling. He was separated from his family during the attack and five soldiers came at him. He took down two soldiers before succumbing to their blades. He was left to die and Bek stayed with him; he awoke to impart his last words upon Faros, begging him to go to Captain Azak of the Dragon’s Crest, to sail to the outer colony of Gol. Gradic dies soon afterward and Faros and Bek flee the house.


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