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The Grand Marshal was the leader of the Order of the Divine Hammer. He answered only to the Kingpriest of Istar himself. The Grand Marshal's surcoat was red instead of the normal white with a golden hammer on it. The position was also called Lord Marshal and Freburmo in the Istaran Language.

File:Divine Hammer - Grand Marshal Crest.jpg

Banner of the Grand Marshal by Tavin.

Past Grand Marshals[]

  • Tavarre (ca. 39 PC - 20 PC) was the second to join the Order of the Divine Hammer and the first Grand Marshal. He died in the quasito attack in Lattakay.
  • Lord Olin Silverhaft (19 PC - 9 PC) replaced Cathan as Grand Marshal when Cathan was presumed dead after the attack on the Tower of Losarcum. He served until his death from a heart attack when he was nearly seventy.
  • Tithian (9 PC - 1 PC), Cathan's former squire, was the last Grand Marshal before the Cataclysm struck Krynn. He was killed by Cathan in a dual.