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The Grand Master is the leader of the Knights of Solamnia. According to the Measure, the Grand Master is elected by each circle of knights sending two representatives. Seventy percent of all circles must send representatives for the election to go forward. The representatives form the Grand Circle of the Knighthood at the Whitestone Glade. They then make nominations and the three knights with the most nominations get to speak. After that all knights vote privately and the one with the most votes becomes the next Grand Master.

At the beginning of the War of the Lance, there was no Grand Master because there weren't enough members of to convene a Grand Circle to elect a new commander.

Past Grand Masters[]

Unknown Number of Grand Masters

  • Trake of Baxtrey (? - 1018 PC) was the Grand Master of Knights during the Third Dragon War. He died as a result of the treachery of Rennard Oathbreaker, a fellow Knight of Solamnia who was secretly a cleric of Morgion. Rennard had been slowly poisioning Trake for a significant period of time, and the god of disease finally caught up with him.
  • Oswal of Baxtrey (1018 PC - c. 1013 PC) succeeded his brother Trake as the Grand Master, following Trake's death. Rennard attempted to kill him as well, but was exposed and hunted down by the knights before he succeeded. Unknown Number of Grand Masters

Current Grand Master[]

  • Goddard Tasgall (424 AC to present) became the acting Grand Master until a full council could be summoned.

Alternate Sources[]

For roughly 1,500 years of the history of the Knights of Solamnia, nothing is definitively known about the individuals who held the title of Grand Master. While there is no authoritative published source on the subject, this article does contain a list of Grand Masters, created by the author.


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