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The Graystone of Gargath, or Graygem of Gargath, was one of the most earth-shattering events to have ever hit Krynn, even more life changing than the Cataclysm. Even though all of the events surrounding the actions of the Graystone are shrouded in mystery, some events and facts have held true to current times of Krynn's history. There are two tales to the creation of the Graygem. The first is the one that is now accepted, while the second has facts that are no longer accepted.

The Graystone has never looked or felt the same to two people, always changing in size and look. The Graygem is so beautiful that it is ugly, so large it's small, so shiny it's dull, and weighs nothing but conscious of a great weight when held. When it was split open, it was found to be hollow inside.

There are many names that the Graystone is referred to. Some of those are the Greystone of GargathGreystoneGrey stoneGray StoneGraystoneGraygemGray GemGrey GemGreygem, and Grathanich.

Current Legend[]

During the Age of StarbirthHiddukel tricked Reorx into creating the Graygem to help anchor neutrality on Krynn. To preserve the balance, Reorx planned on taking just a fragment of Chaos to trap in the Graygem. He did not capture just a fragment, but the entire deity was capture in the stone. The stone became sentient with a driving need to bring chaos into the world, and change all that it came into contact with. In order to prevent this, Reorx trapped the Graygem on the moon of Lunitari, hiding it from his fellow gods. He never told any of the other gods that he had trapped the god Chaos in the stone. LunitariSolinari, and Nuitari though saw the magic in the stone, and thought that through it they could bring magic to Krynn. They then began to plot for the stone to be stolen to the planet below.

The Graygem would remain on Lunitari though for thousands of years. Eventually Reorx allowed for a people to become his chosen, and they were called the Smiths. The Smiths were taught at his feet, and their skills grew. So much so, that the Smiths became prideful and haughty. Distressed at this, Reorx cursed them in 5000 PC, turning them into gnomes forever making them a tinker people who's inventions would never work the way they were intended.

In 4350 PC, Hiddukel tricked one of these gnomes into stealing the Graygem from Lunitari. The gnome used the Self-Propelled Lunar Extension Ladder to pluck the Graygem from Lunitari and began to return to Krynn. As the gnome was returning, he lost his grip on the Graygem, and it fell to Krynn. The Graygem went wild, crisscrossing across the world bringing chaos and change in its wake. Mortals, flora, fauna, and animals are all changed. By 4100 PC, Reorx saw the chaos and destruction the Graygem brought, and tasked his gnomes to search out and capture the Graygem. The gnomes immediately set out after the Graygem.

As the gnomes were chasing the Graygem, an acolyte of ZivilynGargath, was granted the power to capture the Graygem through the use of the Pathfinder and Spellbinder. Gargath built the Tower of Gargath, and laid a trap for the Graygem in 3951 PC. At the top of the tower was an altar, and Pathfinder drew in the Graygem allowing for Spellbinder to capture it.

The gnomes learned of the Graygem's capture, and asked for Gargath to turn the stone back over to them. They were refused and the gnomes made plans to launch a full attack on the Tower of Gargath to capture the Graygem. The gnomes set siege the Tower, and eventually breached the wall. As they were going to capture the Graygem, a bright gray light shone upon the gnomes changing them. Those gnomes that were curious about the gem became kender, and those that wanted to Graygem for money became dwarves. The Graygem then flew off.

The Graygem would create the centaurs several times throughout Ansalon. One group was nomadic horsemen living north of Silvanesti. These nomads lived more on their horses than they did on the ground. As the Graygem passed over, it merged man and beast into one being.

The Graygem eventually made its way down along the southern coast of Silvanesti in 3434 PC, and came upon two houses of Silvanesti elves changing them. One house were fisher elves and they became the Dargonesti Elves. The other elven house were sea merchants who became the Dimernesti Elves. Sea elves claim that this helped their people escape from the unfair rule of Silvanos Goldeneye.

As Gargath and the gnomes gave chase to the Graygem to the west, it was eventually captured again by Gargath on an isle. How it was captured is unknown, but it would remain on the Isle of Gargath for thousands of years before being seen again in the world.

Eventually, Palin MajereTanin Majere, and Sturm Majere along with Dougan Redhammer (secretly Reorx) would make their way to the Isle in the late spring of 382 AC. They would help Dougan get the Graygem back, but the dwarf would lose it in a bet to a common fisherman. The Graygem would be rescued by the Irda and brought to the Isle of the Irda. In 383 AC, the Decider would use a magic hammer and spike to split the Graygem open. Chaos was freed and destroyed the island. This would begin the Chaos War.

Through the help of Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Usha Majere, they were able to use the two halves of the Graygem during the Battle of the Abyss. As a single drop of blood fell from Chaos, Usha was able to capture it on one half and brought the other half together causing the two halves to explode. This would bring a sort of peace to Krynn, but allow for Takhisis to steal Krynn away from the other gods. What became of the Graygem after it exploded is unknown, but it is safe to say that it is more than likely not destroyed.

Original Legend[]

Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari plotted to return magic to Krynn following the Second Dragon War. They approached the god of trickery, Hiddukel, and asked for his help in returning magic. He agreed, but only if they would enchant a coin for him that would provide a conduit for him into the world of Krynn. The three agreed, and Hiddukel began to plot.

Hiddukel then went to Chislev, and was able to convince her that there was a large shift in the balance in that Evil was falling, and Good was rising in power. Chislev listened, and agree with all her heart that there was indeed danger in the balance shifting. She asked if there was a way to stop it, and Hiddukel said that if the three gods of magic were freed that the balance would be restored.

Chislev went to Reorx and flattered him about his creation of Krynn. She then said that the gods of magic missed seeing his beautiful creation, and if he could create for them something to remember the planet by. Reorx was flattered, and he created a beautiful stone called the Graystone. It was a perfect model of Krynn, and to the gods of magic he bestowed it. It was placed on the moon Lunitari, the place it had been received. The three gods of magic began to imbue the Graygem with their essences.

Hiddukel saw this, and told Reorx that his gift was being imbued with magical powers that could threaten the very gods themselves. Hiddukel told Reorx that he wouldn't be able to just take back the Graygem, but maybe he could have another steal the gem for him. Hiddukel knew of a person who could get the gem back for Reorx, but first the forge-god must make a dagger, a coin, and a circlet in exchange for this information. Reorx agreed to the demand, so Hiddukel told him that his Smiths were the perfect people to get the Graygem.

Reorx gave to his Smiths a vision of the Great Machine that would only be powered with the Graygem. He then gave a vision to Milgas Kadwar where the Graygem could be found. Milgas used a sky-hook ladder to reach Lunitari, by hooking onto the ether, climbing, then hooking onto the ether again before finally reaching the moon. Milgas then used a magical net given to him by Hiddukel to hook the Graygem, and he began to descend back to Krynn.

Once on the ground, Reorx arrived to claim the Graygem, but the Graygem awoke and escaped from the net. It trailed a web of chaotic wild magic in its wake. It warped people, landscape, anything that was in its path, and so magic finally returned back to Krynn.

As the Graygem crossed the different peoples of Krynn, some it changed into totally new races. Stubborn ogres became minotaurs, dowdy Smiths became dwarves, scatterbrained Smiths became gnomes, and other Smiths became Scions. Also formed were the kender, goblins, and sea elves on Taladas.

The Scions were tasked with retrieving the Graygem, and saving their people. So over night, they built a great fleet of twelve and twenty ships to sail from Taladas to Ansalon. Through storms and other people trying to kill them, eventually only thirteen ships arrived at Ansalon. Of those thirteen ships though, everyone was killed but one from every ship by the Smiths. The Scions were told to sail away from Ansalon.

The Smiths, instead of hunting the Graygem grew fearful. They instead built their first kingdom on AnsalonKal-Thax. Instead an acolyte of ZivilynGargath, was granted the power to capture the Graygem through the use of the Pathfinder and Spellbinder. Gargath built the Tower of Gargath, and layed a trap for the Graygem. At the top of the tower was an altar, and Pathfinder drew in the Graygem allowing for Spellbinder to capture the Graygem.

In the meantime, the Smiths' skills grew worst. Eventually Reorx told them that since they had abandoned their goal their skills were being lost. If they agreed to get the Graygem back from Gargath, he would restore their skills. The Smiths agreed, and made plans to launch a full attack on the Tower of Gargath to destroy the Graygem.

The Smiths disagreed though how best it would be to get the Graygem back. Some allied with the different races of Ansalon, elves, humans, mercenaries, and ogres. While others built great war machines, and still others forged great weapons and armor to attack.

When all the different factions arrived at the tower, everything went wrong under the power of the Graygem. The first giant war machine seized up short of the Tower's gate, while the next, a fire-spewing bombard, crashed into the first war machine and detonated. The Smiths suffered horrible loss of life in that explosion. After a month and a half the Colossus, their greatest siege engine yet, was able to make it to the Tower's outer wall and breached it. This jarred Spellbinder down the stairwell, and freed the Graygem.

The Graygem came out of the Tower, and hovered over the battlefield. All alliances failed as each faction attempted to gain the Graygem for themselves. The Graygem though released its chaos energies upon the races, creating goblins, kender, gnomes, minotaurs, and dwarves on Ansalon. The Graygem then fled west, with the gnomish Smiths hot on its heals. Most of the gnomes settled on Sancrist Isle rather than keep going on. The Dargonesti Elves were created from fisher elves, while the Dimernesti Elves were created from elven sea merchants.

Taladas Legend[]

Around 4750 PC, the Grathanich (Graystone) was created by Reorx atop Mount Garath on Taladas. Reorx drew upon the magic of Lunitari, and Udras (Sirrion) blended massive magical power within the gem. It was then give to the First Kng Aldinanachru, a gnomoi, to show their favor of their god Reorx. It was then ordered to be put in the Tower of Lunias on Mount Garath.

Then around 4350 PC, Hiteh (Hiddukel) tricked Milgas Kadwar, a minoi, into releasing the Grathanich. The Grathanich traveled west across Taladas wreaking havoc. Reorx punished the Kadwar, the largest of the minoi clans, by banishing them from Taladas. They must pursue the Grathanich no matter where it went across Krynn. Eventually the Grathanich, and Kadwar, arrive on Ansalon. The Kadwar rid their minoi name and became the gnomes of Mount Nevermind.

Here the history merges with the current legend accepted on Ansalon. There are rumors on Taladas of a piece of the Grathanich being housed in the Tower of Flame, and that the Tower is a creation of the Grathanich.

Graygem Creatures[]

A listing of creatures that were created from the Graygem passage:

Kender Tales[]

In the Gates of Thorbardin it has the Graygem having been captured at the Tower of Gargath located in the Valley of Waykeep near Thorbardin. This is not true since the Tower was actually up in the Khalkist Mountains, not the Kharolis Mountains. In Dragonlance Adventures it states the gem was created around 3500 PC and was released about 3100 PC, while Wings of Fury states it was released in 3350 PC. In Kindred SpiritsArelas Kanan found the Graystone hidden in a Sla-mori in Qualinesti. This isn't true since Gargath was keeping watch over it on the Isle of Gargath for thousands of years. It may have been a fragment similar to what is on Taladas, or something the Graygem warped.

Another story that Dougan Redhammer told the Majeres in The Second Generation was that Reorx was tricked by Morgion to make the Graygem, and then promptly lost it in a game of bones.


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