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The Great Destruction was an event in the history of Taladas when the gods rained fire down upon the empire of Aurim. The realm was sundered and the continent was split. A great cauldron of fire and lava rose to fill the void, which burnt the surrounding lands, turning much of the surroundings into ash and shining glass. At the same time, poisonous steam rose into the air, killing thousands of dragons and humanoids alike. In the newly formed Burning Sea, a fiery tower known as Chaldar, which meant flame-spire in the minotaur tongue, arose in the centre of the sea.

Whilst the Cataclysm struck Ansalon and destroyed Istar during the day, the Great Destruction struck Taladas at exactly the same time, which was during the night. For this reason, some folks are known to refer to this time as Hiteh's Night.

The Great Destruction is also known by many as the First Destruction.


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