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The Great Library of Palanthas, which is also called the Great Library of the Ages, is a building that houses the biggest library in Solamnia, if not Ansalon. The library is three stories high, the main entrance is in front. Semi-circular steps lead to large double doors of glass, set in bronze. Although the structure was built with the same white stone as was used with many of the other magnificent buildings of Old City, no one really knows just how old the library is. What is known, however, is that the Great Library of Palanthas is home to the Aesthetics (the order of chroniclers working in the library) and it was the home of the founder of the Aesthetics, Astinus the Chronicler.

This library is a vast repository of knowledge on any subject, and also contains the complete history of Krynn, all meticulously written down by Astinus and the Aesthetics. Admittance is free to all who come during the day (except for Kender who are never allowed). At night, a side entrance may be used. Inside, the rooms are lined floor to ceiling with bookshelves. Desks with chairs are conveniently provided throughout the library.

Astinus and all the books he wrote on the history of Krynn vanished just after the Chaos War.