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The Great Mother (? AC - 422 AC) was the founder of the Brotherhood of Death. She was a very fat woman, with layered, fatty skin that is withered and pallid, thin strands of gray hair, bloodshot eyes, and never moved from her bed. Once she was said to have been very beautiful, but she made a pact with Chemosh to live forever, which also led to her loss of beauty. She created the Brotherhood before the Age of Mortals, and Chemosh told her to hide and wait for his return after the Chaos War.

Eventually she promoted Kabos to the position of Master of the Brethren of Death. This would not last, as she saw no promise in his leadership, and great promise in the leadership of Damian. The two became close, with some rumors that Damian was the Great Mother's bastard child. Once Damian received The Dragon's Claw, the Great Mother was going to promote him to the Master. She told this to Kabos, who killed the Great Mother. The Great Mother's corpse would be raised from the dead by Damian to prove the Chemosh was back among his followers in 422 AC.


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