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Gregor Uth Matar (Mishamont 4, 299 AC - 330 AC ?) married Rosamun Aelan, and together they had one daughter they named Kitiara Uth Matar. Gregor had family in Solamnia, but most will not claim him from some past evil deed of his. It was known that he had a sister who married a wealthy noble from Lemish named Nellthis. He was frequently in trouble, always in debt, and a known womanizer, leading to his dismissal from the Knighthood for disgraceful behavior (something to do with a woman).

Gregor was known to have been over six feet tall, about 187 pounds, muscular body and limbs, short raven-black hair that curls closely around his head, a quick smile, brown eyes, and a full, luxurious moustache. He also had a regal and handsome look to him, and a roguish smile when the right side of his mouth rises. Gregor always had little use for anyone that didn't handle a weapon well. His mount in the year 325 AC was named Cinnamon.

Early Life[]

It was said that sometime before the year 318 AC, and the birth of Kitiara, that Gregor met Rosamun while in Solace. Gregor stayed loyal there for some time, but eventually he need to leave the village again to do his mercenary work. So off and on for the next seven years he would leave, then come back and see his darling daughter and wife, but eventually even tired of her.

Final Years[]

In the summer of 325 AC, a young Kitiara accompanied Gregor on her first battle. Gregor was so impressed with his very young daughter for showing such courage. They were very happy together, but Gregor was tiring of Solace. Once he brought he daughter back, he packed up and left, never to return to either his daughter or Solace.

Gregor then turned his full attention to building up his raider band. And sometime before the year 330 AC, he had a band of a thousand raiders up to Whitsett sometime. One warring family purchased his raiders to defeat another family who was their enemy. His raiders went in, defeated his employer's enemy, but were betrayed. The family that was defeated bought out a small faction of his troops who then slew all the leaders, including Gregor.

One of the people who betrayed him was a raider named Ursa. He was tied up and delivered to the enemy, who tried and convicted him then put him in prison to be beheaded. It was unknown what happened after that, some say he escaped, and some say he was executed. When Kitiara ran into Ursa four years later, he claims to have put bribe money off to the side for Gregor's jailer. It is unknown what became of Gregor, and he hasn't been seen since.

Kender Tales[]

It was also said that Gregor met Rosamun while in Palanthas. There he pursued her, and eventually won her heart. Together they left the great city once she was pregnant, and went to the small village of Solace to raise a family. This version is generally not accepted. Gregor has also been called Gregory in two sources, but these are considered the incorrect spelling of his name.


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