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Griffin (? AC - ? AC) was a male human who hailed from the lands of Southern Hosk, and served in the Legions of Eragas as a legionnaire. In 357 AC, Griffin learnt of a plot against the Emperor of the Imperial League, by the minotaur Axantheas. He orchestrated the theft of the Dragonring to foil Axantheas' plot and then left with his comrade Skrum to inform the Emperor. However Axantheas chased down the pair atop his blue dragon and caught up with them, before the timely arrival of Riva Silvercrown, who used a dragonlance to slay the dragon. The group fled into some nearby caves to elude any further pursuit by the soldiers, but were captured by the officer Tyche and his men, and taken back to the city of Kristophan as prisoners. When Tyche attempted to kill the prisoners in cold blood, Riva knocked the minotaur down, and the group fled through the streets. Skrum used the power of the Dragonring to summon a red dragon, which the companions rode on briefly to elude their pursuers and then set back down in the streets of Kristophan, sending the dragon on it's way. Griffin and his friends were soon after met by the Merkitsa elves Sulai and Maraghiz, and after a brief confrontation with the elves, allowed the pair to join them on their travels.

Griffin and his friends next tried to confront the Emperor of the Imperial League, to warn him of the plot of Axantheas. However the Emperor instead turned his soldiers on the adventurers, forcing Skrum to use the Dragonring to summon dragons to save them. However the will of Erestem dominated the gnome and forced Griffin's friend into believing he was a servant of the dark goddess and kidnapping all his friends via evil dragons to the Burning Sea. At the sea, Griffin knocked out Skrum, took the Dragonring and launched it into the sea, destroying it forever and restoring his friend to his senses. The adventurers then made their way clear and booked passage on Captain Antara's ship in search of Riva's missing dragon Ktarrh.

Karranus, an officer of the Legions of Eragas, conducted a pursuit of the adventurers, and Sulai and her friends enter the caverns of Rathna Vulghan to try and escape. Magical beasts besiege the ship, however they reach safety and find Ktarrh. Antara's ship returns to the lands of the Glass Sailors, where following a brief interlude they again set sail again. In Southern Hosk, Riva, Maraghiz, Sulai, Griffin and Skrum run afoul of a minotaur patrol. The patrol batters the party, however they escape with a few injuries. Griffin bears severe wounds and Riva goes searching in a local village for some aid. She comes across the healer Tykel, who is a cleric of Mislaxa. Tykel uses her medicine to heal Griffin and the party continued on their adventures.