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Griffons (or Griffins) are a race of Creatures that look like large lions with the head, front legs, and wings of Giant Eagles. Griffons are intelligent and understand the Common Language and sometimes the Elvish Language. They cannot speak though, but have the ability to speak telepathically with some individuals (usually elf royalty). There is a legend saying that griffons were offered the ability to speak by the Gods but they turned it down because they saw it as something lesser beings do. As a whole, Griffons tend to like ceremonies and formalities when being dealt with. They must be talked to politely or they will be greatly offended. It is believed that they were created by the Greygem.

Griffons live in prides and will mate for life, but will live in their own aeries even between mates because they are so territorial. When males compete for a mate they fight but will only use their forelegs. Aeries for griffons are nests made on slabs of stone and littered with old fur and feathers. They are built in the highest points they are able to in the mountains. Griffons will not eat the hides, heads, or hooves of their food. Their favorite food is horse meat. Griffon scat is white and chalky.

The creatures will sometimes bond with a rider. They will usually only bond to one rider and are so loyal to them they will not likely bond to another. In battle, griffons instinctually emit a high pitched scream when attacking.

History of Griffons Relationship with Elves[]

Age of Dreams[]

Since the founding of Silvanesti, elves have had relationships with the breed known as Royal Griffons. During the First Dragon War, Balif led a griffon cavalry called the Cloud-Legion. The Brown Hoods created a rite for the taming of griffons and the bonding with riders called the Tath-maniya.

Kinslayer War[]

During the Kinslayer War, Kith-Kanan journeyed to the griffon aeries in the Khalkist Mountains. There with his brother, Sithas, they used a magical scroll and bound the griffons to the elven people. Later, Kith-Kanan formed the Windriders. Around this time, the Brown Hoods were distrusted by the Speaker of the Stars Sithas and the rite of tath-maniya fell into disuse in Silvanesti. The Silvanesti moved to a more laborious method for bonding with griffons. The rite was still maintained as part of the training process in Qualinesti for a new Speaker of the Sun.

War of the Lance[]

Elven Windriders fought as part of the Whitestone Army.

Post War of the Lance[]

Hundreds of Qualinesti Windriders led by Porthios Kanan helped free Silvanesti from Lorac’s Nightmare.

Chaos War[]

During the Chaos War, the griffons of Qualinesti for a time refused to answer any summons. They left to live wild in the Kharolis Mountains. They were upset with the imprisonment of Alhana Starbreeze by the elven senator Rashas.

Post War of Souls[]

In 426 AC, Prothios and Alhana used the tath-maniya to bond twenty nine Golden Griffons with riders to use to help the elven people in Khur and in the liberation of Qualinesti.

Griffon Breeds[]

Kender Tales[]

One source said griffons dislike and distrust Humans, Dwarves, and Kender, but another said they get along with most of them generally.