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Grindlethorpe (ca. 30 PC - ?) was an ancient gnome with a full gray beard, long gray hair and an unusually large nose. He preferred dressing all in one color and he often dyes his hair the same color as his outfit (usually blue or red). His strange attire attracted a lot of attention and Grindlethorpe enjoyed the attention.

Grindlethorpe had grown old and his physical prowess was not what it used to be. He got around aided by a cane that in fact was a wand of ice storm. Needless to say, this wand doubled as a weapon should the need arise.

Grindlethorpe hadn't a single evil bone in his body and he'd rather have jumped off a cliff than hurt anyone but his obvious lack of engineering tormented him. He has chosen illusion as his salvation, he applied a harmless form of magic to his (as far as known successful) attempts to win recognition. At the end of the day Grindlethorpe was a fraud although he meant well.

Early Life[]

Grindlethorpe started his career as an arcane spellcaster in his youth, dabbling in the art of illusion. He quickly became very talented and learned to disguise his magic by reducing the verbal and somatic components to his spells.

Post Cataclysm[]

After the Cataclysm Grindlethorpe abandoned his magic, instead putting all his energy into technology. It was during this period in his life that the illusionist became a legend among his people. Supposedly he was the first gnome ever to complete no less than three Life Quests. Grindlethorpe was given a special award medallion, marking him as an honorary member of every guild within Mount Nevermind. In reality Grindlethorpe had never stopped practicing illusionism and it was his magic that helped him "achieve" what no gnome had achieved before him.


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