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Gullytalk (or Gully Talk) is the language of the Gully Dwarves (or Aghar Dwarves). The language is ugly and convoluted. Gullytalk is constantly changing by them creating new words and adding words from other nearby languages. The language's grammar rules also rapidly change. This makes it impossible for gullytalk to have a written language if they were already capable of writing. When two Gully Dwarves of different groups meet, their dialects merge after a few days.

Gullytalk does not have a word for numbers greater than "two." The word for "one" stands for one of something, while the word for "two" stands two or more of things.

Gullytalk Words[]

Gug - 'Private' (as in the rank)

Gulphbludders - An exclamation or insult.

Gulphfunger slimers - An insult.

Gulphphunger spawn - Unknown.

Gulppulphers - Unknown.

Phungerwhoop - An exclamation or insult.


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