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Habbakuk (hab-buh-kuk) is the divine power of persistence. He is lord of the beasts, and patron of hunters, rangers, druids, sailors, and the natural cycle of life and death. He opposes undeath and aberrations of magic. Habbakuk is the twin brother to Kiri-Jolith and son of Paladine and Mishakal. He is closest to Branchala, works well with Chislev, and opposes Zeboim.

Habbakuk is patron to the Knights of the Crown, representing the virtue of loyalty. Since the War of Souls, Habbakuk has stepped back in his relationship with the Knights of Solamnia, feeling that the knighthood would benefit from having a single patron deity. Though he has taken this lesser role, he is still revered by the knighthood.

On the continent of Taladas, Habbakuk is little known other than to the Silvanaes and some in the League. Most view Branchala as an aspect of Habbakuk.

In 422 AC, Habbakuk was distracted while dealing with another Dragon Overlord located on the opposite side of Krynn, following his return after the War of Souls.

Habbakuk's Clerics wear long blue-grey robes and pray for spells from him at sunrise.

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