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Hakan Flowerhair (? - ? AC) was a particularly short female Kender who stood marginally less than three feet tall. Her skin was deeply tanned and she had sky-blue eyes and sandy brown hair. She also usually wore a flower of some kind in her hair, which was swept up in the traditional kender topknot.

Like many kender, Hakan has been branded a thief in many different places, so to keep up appearances she actively partook in the role of a "handler" even more fervently than the average kender. She always had a particularly fascination with gems and jewelry, which she "handled" the most.

War of the Lance[]

Just prior to the War of the Lance, Hakan found herself in Solace, and somehow managed to end up with a Seeker's ring in her purse. Having the ring discovered she was yet again called a thief and chased out of town, shortly before the Dragonarmies attacked Solace. The young kender then made her way to Tarsis just ahead of the Dragonarmies, and learnt that the Dragonarmies were in search of one particular kender... which luckily wasn't her.

Hakan wandered out of Tarsis, and then "handled" her way from one end of Ansalon to the other, garnering quite a reputation with the local merchants and authorities of towns everywhere before the war was over.


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