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Half-elves are born of the union between a human and an elf.

After Kith-Kanan directed the Qualinesti elves towards a more tolerant disposition with other races, elves and humans have more frequently fallen in love with each other. But tolerance for this became less and less as the years pass, until it is taboo for any elf to take a human as a mate. Half-elves were usually considered outcasts in both human and elven societies.[1] However, in the years after the Cataclysm, it was very common for human bandits to rape elven women in the vicinity of Qualinesti territories.[1]Most cases of a half-elf being born at that time were the result of a human male raping a elven female.

Half-elves tend to become the diplomat for whatever community they live in, human or elven. They are also more attuned to ambient magic than their elven parents. They also can see in the dark, but not as well as full elves.

Half-elves usually are taller and have more muscle than their elven half, but are more graceful, have almond-shaped eyes, and slightly pointed ears compared to their human half. Half-elves also have the ability to grow facial hair. Sea Elf half-elves retain the blue skin tone and broad upper body, but do not have the aquatic traits of the Dargonesti Elves or Dimernesti Elves.

Most half-elves come from Qualinesti since so many of the elves live along the forest border. They had the most contact with human for either good or bad. Now with the ending of the War of Souls, Silvanesti Elves and Kagonesti Elves are out more than in the past. Ansalon is seeing more and more half-elves born of these two elven societies.

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