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The content of this article is fan made and not included in the Dragonlance canon.

Rare in the west of Adlatum, the Gildanesti–as they call themselves–are the scions of human and elven unions that have over time created a true race and culture. All half-elves are considered Gildanesti, regardless of the elven parent's type, be it Corinesti, Talonesti, or even the rare Avanesti. Either way, each half-elf is considered a de facto member of the nation and suffers no social stigma in their country for the circumstances of their birth. However, like all half-elves everywhere, they are cursed with a shorter lifespan than their elven kin and the burning desire to be the masters of their own fates like those of humanity.

Personality: Gildanesti are unique when compared to the other half-elves of Krynn. A Gildanesti is not a person trapped between worlds but is instead a member of a unified race. The Gildanesti are an open race that takes pride in their diversity.

Physical Description: Gildanesti are only slightly smaller than humans and slightly more heavily built than other elves. Gildanesti of Avanesti descent are typically very fair with dark hair and violet eyes, while Gildanesti of Corinesti heritage tend to have a slight blue-green tint to their skin and fair hair and emerald green eyes.

Relations: Gildanesti have fair relations with most of their neighbors but strong ties to the Talonesti and Corinesti who they view as cousins. Gildanesti relations with Avanesti are cool, as the Gildanesti have not forgotten that their ancestors were considered little more than slaves to the Avanesti's own ancestors. Gildanesti relations with the humans of Onar are strong, with Gildanesti mercenary companies providing most of the city-state's martial forces. To the north in Etlarn, Gildanesti mercenaries are prime commodities and mercenary contracts are frequently in much demand, even though the Etlarnic disdain the Gildanesti favoritism of primal sorcery.

2nd-3.5 Edition: Gildanesti are a fair minded and peaceful people, regardless of the large number of mercenaries who call the republic home. Nearly all Gildanesti are of some form of good alignment.

4th Edition: Gildanesti are a fair minded and peaceful people, regardless of the large number of mercenaries who call the republic home. Nearly all Gildanesti are either good or lawful good in alignment.

Half-Elven Lands: The Republic of Gildanesti is the only half-elven homeland. Many half-elves consider it to be the homeland for all half-elves, including those who have never set foot upon its shores.

Religion: Gildanesti favor Rig Mori (Habbakuk) and Tannu (Sirrion) over most other gods, but shrines and priesthoods of all the good and neutral deities can be found. Language: The Gildanesti speak their own language (also called Gildanesti) that is a mixture of Etlarnic and Valenesti.

Names: Gildanesti names are complex and are usually a combination of ancient elven and human names.

Male Names: Adair, Brannon, Tamsin, Llaerydd.

Female Names: Anise, Grian, Rhiannon.

Clan Names: Mar'troon, Del'atore, Ard'macha, HighSea, Three-Waves.

Adventurers: Adventuring is a pastime of many Gildanesti. Nearly all Gildanesti have traveled and adventured in the service of the legions at some point in their lives.

Half-Elf (Gildanesti) Racial Traits

3.5 Edition

Gildanesti possess the Krynnish half-elf racial traits listed in the Player's Handbook and the Dragonlance Campaign Setting except as follows:

  • 1 extra skill point at each additional level (beyond 1st). Gildanesti are nearly as adaptable and quick to learn as their human heritage indicates.
  • Automatic Languages: Common and Gildanesti. Bonus Languages: Any, except secret languages such as Druidic.

4th Edition

Gildanesti possess the racial traits and abilities of the half-elf in the Player's Handbook.