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The Hammer of Kharas was a Warhammer forged by the Thorbardin dwarves in 2072 PC, to honor the Hammer of Reorx wielded by the god to forge Krynn. Originally given the name, Hammer of Honor, the dwarves presented it to the Empire of Ergoth as an offering of peace. The annual passage of the hammer between ErgothQualinesti, and Thorbardin was symbolic of the Swordsheath Scroll treaty. During its passage between the three nations it was used by Kith-Kanan to forge the great arched bridges of Qualinost.

The Hammer was said to be light in weight, yet struck with the force of the god Reorx behind it. It was said to be huge, with runes running down the length of the handle, an ability of it was that no dwarf was able to strike down the bearer. The hammer has always been used for honorable and peaceful purposes, it cannot be used to shed blood in anger or hatred. When the Hammer would hit the Anvil of Thorbardin it would sound a note that could be heard throughout the earth and heavens.

The Third Dragon War

The hammer’s whereabouts would remain unknown until it appeared again during the Third Dragon War, when Huma Dragonbane faced three challenges in his quest for the Dragonlance. At the end of the challenges, he entered the giant smithy of Duncan Ironweaver, who bore the Silver Arm of Ergoth. Duncan, with the divine power of the Hammer and Arm, was able to forge the first dragonlances, giving them to Huma.

The Shadow Years

The hammer disappeared from history again, until it was given to the dwarven hero Kharas by the Kayolin dwarves, in recognition for his service during the Goblin Wars. Eventually the Hammer’s name was switched to the Hammer of Kharas after his many exploits.

Kharas was arguably the greatest hero in dwarven history. He was best known early in his life for his great deeds. He fought alongside the Knights of Solamnia who were so impressed by his courage and his nobility that they named him Kharas, which is Solamnic for “Knight.”

The Dwarfgate War

Kharas argued against the barring of the gates of Thorbardin saying that the dwarves should live or die as one. When the army of Fistandantilus (Later Raistlin) marched on Pax Tharkas, Kharas urged DuncanHigh King of Thorbardin, to propose peace and his king agreed to make the attempt. It failed, however, and he ordered Kharas to take the field.

Kharas fought well during the war. In an effort to end the war quickly, he volunteered to lead a daring strike against Fistandantilus himself. Using the tunnels underneath the Plains of Dergoth, he and four other dwarves entered the dwelling of Fistandantilus and he wounded the Dark Mage before being forced to retreat.

Afterwards, Kharas became disgusted with the war and grew despondent as it raged on. Then came the magical explosion of Zhaman: Fistandantilus magic swept across the Plains of Dergoth, killing everyone. Kharas then returned to Thorbardin, carrying two of the three sons of Duncan. The High King eventually died and soon open bickering broke out between the thanes over who would be the next High King. Revolted, Kharas told the thanes that none of them deserved to be High King and then he left. But not before stating that one-day, the hammer would return and then a proper king would take the throne and reunite the clans. The prophecy states that, “When the power of the gods returns, then shall the hammer go forth to forge once again the freedom of Krynn

The War of the Lance

After the final disappearance of Kharas, the hammer would remain lost for generations until Arman Kharas and Flint Fireforge recovered the hammer from Duncan’s Tomb. Kharas had strung up the hammer at the top of the Ruby Chamber. Afterwards, Kharas was stung by a scorpion and died. After a brief battle with Draconians, the Hammer was laid to rest with Arman Kharas for a short time. Later Glade Hornfel Kytil presented it before the people to show that he was now the High King.

The War of Souls

Sometime during the Chaos War the Hammer was lost in the destruction of the Life Tree. It wasn't found until years later when Mog Bonecutter washed up on the Isle of the Dead. There Ogduan Bloodspike presented the hammer to Mog to return to his king Tarn Bellowgranite. Tarn used it during the civil war that erupted in Thorbardin, but in the end he had to give up the Hammer to Jungor Stonesinger in order to save his son. Jungor currently has the Hammer and is the High King of Thorbardin.

False Hammer of Kharas

There was a replica of the hammer that was made for Arman Kharas to remind him of his destiny. It was heavy and unwieldy, well crafted, but not well designed. The false hammer disappeared during the Battle of the Temple of the Stars.


It has been referred to as the Hammer of Kharan in the book The Lake of Death, and in The Annotated Chronicles it was said to be in Derkin's Tomb. Both of these inconsistencies may be due to Hill Dwarf spellings


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