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Handil Coldblade (? PC - 2150 PC), also known as Handil the Drum and Handil Moonraiser, was a Calnar dwarf who was the son of the Calnar thane Colin Stonetooth and was an inventor of several inventions. He was a powerful built dwarf that stood 5’3 and had black hair and grey eyes. He was also the brother to Tolon Farsight, Cale Greeneye, and Terra Sharn.

Many of the inventions in Thorin were credited to Handil, including the lift system, a ventilation system that provided climate control and various kinds of drums. Handil was well known throughout Thorin and was considered by most people as an equal. He was highly sought by suitors and was engaged to be married to Jinna Rockweaver during the Balladine in 2150 PC.

Prior to the Last Balladine, Handil was present when a human named Calik was captured trying to find information about Thorin. He questioned Calik but could find no answers to his questions. Following the questioning Handil traveled to the crafters galleries and met up with his fiancée Jinna. The two of them then ran into Handil’s younger brother Cale Greeneyes who presented them a gift of two elven rings to be used. Cale also apologizes to his brother because he was going to miss the wedding to search for a lost patrol.

On the day of the Last Balladine, Handil was in the First Sentinels playing the end of the Balladine song. When the humans attacked, Handil traveled to the Grand Gather and found Jinna and his father there. As they prepared to flee following the closing of the inner gates, Jinna is shot with a human arrow. Handil is stricken with grief and played his drum, Thunderer, causing the ceiling of the Grand Gather to fall burying everyone in there, including himself.

Kender Tales[]

Handil was also called Handil Farsight, but the name of Farsight was his brother’s Tolon’s last name.


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