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Harald Greytooth (? PC - ? PC) was a Ergothian male Wizard of the Red Robes. He served as Head of the Red Robes.


After Benavir's failure to build a new Tower of High Sorcery in Tarsis, Harald was entrusted with this duty. He chose the city of Daltigoth. The Emperor of Ergoth Pakin agreed to let the tower be built in return for the Wizards of High Sorcery to aid the armies of the Empire of Erogth. Harald agreed.

Benavir then spent the next thirty years planning the tower. He planned for a red tower but when the emporer found out he rejected it. Pakin didn't want a red tower but a white tower to show the world what a good nation Ergoth was. Harald reluctantly agreed with the emperor...seemingly agreed that is. After a large imperial ceremony, the White Robe Yoralyn led a ritual that resulted with the image of a white tower over the city. The white tower was an illusion and that night Harald led the true ritual and raised the red Tower of High Sorcery of Daltigoth. Pakan had a sense a humor and laughed off what happened.


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