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Harrawell Dracart (? AC – 352 AC) was a male Human who was a powerful wizard of the Black Robes. He is recognized as one of the three individuals, along with Wyrllish Parkane and Harkiel the Bender, responsible for originally creating the Draconians through the corruption of Metallic Dragon eggs. Harrawell hated most men, preferring to dwell in his subterranean chamber in the depths of the Temple of Luerkhisis, rather than anywhere else. The mage was a gaunt figure, who had long black hair and piercing blue eyes.

In the closing stages of the war, Dracart was found dead with his throat slashed. The murderer was never confirmed, though widely believed to be the draconian general Maranta.

Kender Tales[]

Sometimes Dracart's name has been recorded as "Drakart", however this is an inaccurate version of his actual name.