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Hauk (? AC – ? AC) was a male Human who was a companion of the ranger Tyorl and the girl Kelida. He was loyal to his friends and overly bold, with bright blue eyes and a short black beard. The ranger was deeply tanned from constantly being in the outdoors, and was of a stocky build, and had a deep voice. Hauk was a ranger and part of Finn's Nightmare Company, and became close friends with the Dwarf Stanach Hammerfell.

The Human originally hailed from a small village in Abanasinia, where he lived with his elderly father. However the village was overrun by the Dragonarmies and his father was mercilessly killed. Having no immediate kin left, Hauk joined Finn's band, undermining the Dragonarmies where possible. He soon became comrades with Tyorl, a fellow ranger working for Finn, and the pair found themselves in the town of Long Ridge in 351 AC, where they entered a tavern known as Tenny's. It was at the tavern that they first met Kelida. Kelida was unknowingly used as the target of a dagger throwing bet, in which Hauk threw a dagger at the tray she was holding and hit it dead centre. The barmaid was rightfully frightened, and refused Hauk's apology, although the ranger did leave her a jewelled sword anyway. Kelida was instantly attracted to Hauk, although she would not admit the fact, that she was infatuated with him. Unbeknownst to Kelida or Hauk, the jewelled sword was in fact a Kingsword.

Also unknown to Hauk, was the fact that he had been tracked down by the Gray Herald, a Theiwar assassin and bounty hunter, who was searching for the Kingsword for Realgar, Thane of the Theiwar. The Gray Herald cast a spell on Hauk and transported him back to Thorbardin, where he could be tortured and interrogated to find the sword. The ranger was mercilessly questioned and tortured by the Theiwar, and started to lose his mind in the dark dungeon they had placed him in.

His friend Tyorl searched for him, and was joined by Kelida, as well as Stanach Hammerfell and the Kender Lavim Springtoe. The group was ambushed by the Gray Herald and the Black Dragon Darkknight, which resulted in Stanach killing the Gray Herald, however he and Kelida were kidnapped by Darkknight and forcibly taken to Theibardin, where they were also made prisoners of Realgar and reunited with Hauk. Meanwhile Tyorl and Lavim continued on their way to Thorbardin, where they eventually made it through to Northgate. Stanach, Kelida and Hauk found the means to escape their captors and reached Northgate, where they defended Hornfel Thane of the Hylar against Realgar's assassins, and were reunited with Tyorl and Lavim once more. Tyorl, Lavim and Finn's rangers defended Hornfel and their friends; however Tyorl took a blow that was intended for Hornfel, saving the thane. Realgar was ultimately defeated and fell to his death; however the elf died soon after from his wound.

Tyorl was buried by his friends in a small cairn in the Valley of the Thanes. Following Tyorl's funeral, Kelida told Stanach that she and Hauk would aid him in his quest to find the Hammer of Kharas if he chose to search for it. Kelida and Hauk also pledged themselves to one another, beginning the start of a long and fruitful relationship together.


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