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Haven arose in Abanasinia from the ruins of an elven city that was destroyed in the Cataclysm. A number of human families built the city with the aid of the elves and set themselves up as the rulers. Many laws and privileges were created at the whim of the founders, and any person who wishes to have any say in the Lordcity of Haven, must be able to trace their lineage back somehow to the city founders. The mayor who governs the city is of foremost importance in being able to do this.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, rule of the city was taken by the Seeker priests, who set themselves up as the Council of Highseekers. The Seekers' headquarters was erected in Haven and they setup their own militia, using the mayor of that time as their puppet. After the death of Verminaard in Pax Tharkas, Haven was made the new headquarters of the Red Dragonarmy. Beggars, casualties of the war, started to line the roads leading into Haven begging for food and coin.

Chaos War

With the fall of the Seeker religion, rule again passed back to the mayor, and the city has continued to grow and develop through extensive trade and commerce. Haven was claimed by the Knights of Neraka shortly before the War of Souls, and again the descendants of the town founders find themselves in the brutal grip of an invading force.

Buildings of Haven

Roads and Streets of Haven

Geographical Areas


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