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The Heartchamber (or Heartroom) was a room in the Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth. It was located high in the tower inside the black parapet. This was where the magic of the tower was strongest. The tiles covering the walls were inscribed with words of magic. The room’s most important feature was a small replica of the tower in its center. The doors to the room were made of ironwood. They were bond with steel and had protective magic placed on them.

The room was also a portal room. It was able to access the Border Realm which holds the Lost Tower.

Age of Might[]

In 19 PC during the Battle of Daltigoth of the Lost Battles, Iriale the Master of the Tower of Daltigoth gathered more than thirty mages to the tower's Heartchamber and together they released magical energy into the room’s model to destroy the tower and a quarter of Daltigoth.

Post Destruction[]

Some of the tiles of the destroyed heartchamber survived the explosion. The tiles still had magical energy. They could be used as a power source. Lesser and greater shards of the walls of the heartchamber also had magical powers. The Conclave tried to acquire as many of the large pieces as they could but likely did not get them all. The smaller pieces were used in small magical items. Also, during the destruction any killed by a piece of the heartchamber model returned as a form of Undead known as a Shard Wight.

Age of Mortals[]

After the theft of Krynn during the Chaos War, the Heartchamber of the ruined Tower of High Sorcery mysteriously reformed and it became an active portal to Bastion.