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Hederick the Theocrat (27 Argon 280 AC - ? AC) was born the son of Con and Venessi, and he had one sister named Ancilla in the town of Garlund.

As a twelve year old, he was a child that was full of spirit, but was short, weak, had a round nose, reddish-brown hair, and protruding eyes. By the time he was seventy-one, he stands 5'6" tall, weighs 145 pounds, blue eyes, and had gray hair that he would cover with a wig for state dinners. He projected an aura of authority and was known as a great orator, giveing long speeches on many subjects with little notice. Two things he hated were noise and dirt, and he would forbid his followers to gamble.

Early Life[]

Hederick's mother and father left Caergoth and founded their own village to the worship of the false god Tiolanthe. Hederick was the first child born in the village. When he was two years old, his father was ordered killed by his mother, over a disagreement on Tiolanthe, and his older sister left shortly after that, promising to come back for young Hederick.

At the age of twelve, he was banished from the village so that he would learn humility. While out on the plains, he meets up with a priest of the Seekerfaith named Tarscenian. Hederick learns at the feet of Tarscenian about the Seeker gods taking on the false god Sauvay as his patron god. He later felt betrayed by him when his sister came back for him.

Ancilla came back as a mage of the White Robes, which Seekers hate. Hederick sees that Tarscenian and his sister fall for each other, and confronts them. Ancilla, not about to fight back against her brother, escapes from him, but not before Hederick steals the Diamond Dragon. With this artifact, Hederick is able to gain mind control over the village of Garlund.

With this mind control, he has the villagers kill his mother, and after that he orders Willad Oberl, Jerad Oberl, and Peren Volen to kill every sinner in the village, which they all did with everyone accepting their fate. He then had Peren kill the Oberl brothers, then ordered Peren to drown himself. Hederick effectively severed all ties to his past to become a new Seeker priest.

Seeker Priest[]

For the next thirty years, Hederick becomes a wandering Seeker priest taking the name the Holy Wanderer. He travels from village to village teaching about the Seeker Gods. By the year 322 AC, Hederick was invited to join the Highseekers Council in Haven, by Elistan himself.

Hederick took the title of The Chosen One in 349 AC, because he felt that since he represented Sauvay, that he is the chosen one. He had the Erolydon built in Solace when he took over there as a Seeker priest. He had this built so he could begin Hederick's Inquisition against the sinners of Solace.

During this time, Ancilla and Tarscenian attempt to stop Hederick from being so cruel. A Black Robe tried to assassinate Hederick after a Kender named Kifflewit Burrthistle took the Diamond Dragon from him. He was killed, but Kifflewit gave the dragon back to Hederick, which healed him and brought him back to life.

His sister and her husband ended up not being able to stop him from being evil, or becoming the High Theocrat over Solace. They were able to get the Diamond Dragon back from him, but Hederick states he doesn't need anyone, and his goal was to become the head of the Seeker faith.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, Hederick saw the peak of his power. He hires in goblins and hobgoblins to be his muscle, headed up by Toede. One night in the autumn of 351 AC, he went to his usual place at night, which was the Inn of the Last Home to drink. While there he ran into the Companions. He burned himself in the fireplace horribly, and a kender named Tasslehoff Burrfoot grabbed up Goldmoon's Blue Crystal Staff and hit him, which put the flames out and healed all his injuries.

Hederick was horrified to see this sign of the true Gods, and claimed it was witchcraft. He burned his hand to purge out what he said was evil, and ran off to call the guards in to arrest the Companions, who ended up escaping. After Verminaard attacked Solace, he had Hederick sent off to the slave mines of Pax Tharkas. He would later be freed by the Heroes of the Lance, and would venture with the rest of the refugees to Thorbardin.

As the Refugees of Pax Tharkas journeyed south away from the Red Dragonarny, he would bring up old hatreds and misunderstandings between the people of Abanansinia and the Plainsfolk. Although the Red Dragonarmy found them in the valley, he argued against leaving saying that they would be safe as long as they hid in the caves. After escaping an attack he suggested they surrender to the Dragonarmy. After that, it is unknown what became of him.

Titles and Nicknames[]

Over the years, Hederick takes many other names, including The Chosen One, High Theocrat, and Holy Wanderer.


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