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The Helm of Grallen is an ancient Dwarven helm of Theiwar design, with three large rubies, one the size of a child’s fist. The magic of the gem will imprison the soul of the wearer upon his death.

The gem in the center holds the soul of Grallen, son of High King of Thorbardin, Duncan. It has been forbidden to speak of Grallen and his helm in polite company since the end of the Dwarfgate Wars. Many believe that the helm is cursed and will cause only trouble to the dwarves.

If a warrior puts on the helm, he might become possessed by the spirit of Grallen and would then be compelled to go to Thorbardin. The person thus possessed will think and act like Grallen until the helm is returned to the Dwarven kingdom. If the wearer happens to be a dwarf, the gem will flare red.

When the person wearing the helm arrives at the gate, he will say “In the name of Reorx, I call upon the gate to open”. The gate will then open fully.

The curse can only be lifted when the helm is placed upon the Statue of Grallen in the Valley of the Thanes.


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