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The Hest are a branch of the Silvanesti Elves who were formed during the Age of Dreams. During the Kinslayer Wars, the elven general Hestantafalas was imprisoned for treasonous acts by Speaker of the Stars Sithas, ruler of the Silvanesti. However loyal supporters freed him and enabled the general to return to his fortress town of Bordon Hest. However Sithas sent the Silvanesti army to lay siege to Bordon Hest and bring back Hestantafalas, as well as kill all his supporters. With the aid of the mage Vedvedsica, a great rent was opened in the earth beneath the town, and all of its inhabitants fled underground to create their own nation free of Sithas and his army. The mage then brought the rubble down over the hole, sealing them underground, free from threat or reprise.

In the deep bowels of the earth, the elves dug out their own settlements and became known as the Hest, after the elven general who led them. The Hest live under a basic house system. Upon reaching adulthood, every Hest is tested to determine their role in society. Those who prove strong or agile are inducted into the Hall of Arms, who make up the soldiers and fighters of the Hest. Those who prove to be intelligent and have magical talent are welcomed into the Hall of Light as the sorcerers of Hest. Those who are not acceptable for either house remain as diggers and servants to the soldiers and sorcerers of Hest.

The leaders of the Hest originally were the sons of Hestantafalas, who were guided through magical counsel by the sorcerers of the Hall of Light. However constant fighting between the two houses, led to the Hall of Light winning control over the Hest and ruling the elves for a period, before the Hall of Arms wrested control back and led the Hest once more.

The average Hest elf stands at four and a half feet tall and weighs approximately one hundred pounds. A pale-skinned race, their hair color ranges from light brown to black. Hidden away from the world for centuries, Hestites are suspicious of all outsiders and still fear retribution from the Silvanesti people, hoping to remain hidden for all time from the surface dwellers.