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Hester (? AC - ? AC) was a male Minotaur who was a sailor that served under Captain Antara in the latter part of the Age of Despair. The minotaur was gentle and had a goodly nature, and was known to be rather sensitive. Hester was close friends with the Gnome Mezamere, and was highly protective of his diminutive companion.

Hester originally grew up in the city of Kristophan, capital of the Imperial League. He preferred to use words over violence, and was derisively referred to by many of his kin, including his cousin Karranus as the "Great Peacemaker". Tired of the constant violence, Hester sought other lands, eventually reaching the Shining Lands of the Glass Sailors, where he gained work on the ship of Captain Antara.

In 357 AC, whilst working on Antara's ship, he traveled to the caves of the Silver Dragons in the Shining Lands. In the caves, Hester and his comrades encountered some soldiers of the Imperial League, led by his cousin Karranus. His enraged cousin tried to arrest several of Hester's friends, so the minotaur stepped in and dueled his cousin, killing Karranus. The minotaur continued to sail under Antara's command for the rest of his days, an adopted son of the Glass Sailors.