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Hiddukel (hid-doo-keel), also known as the Prince of Lies, the Betrayer, the Broken Scales and the Prince of Tarnished Gold, is the god of avarice, exploitation and treachery. His symbol is broken merchant scales and his colors are red and bone. Red Dragons are his loyal followers due to their common avaricious nature. He is also the patron of evil businessmen, thieves and many hobgoblins. His clerics often lead double lives.

He is a deal maker who trades in souls. Hiddukel's deal making skills are so great that it is said that he is the only being able to barter with Takhisis and come out in front. He influences souls to use every encounter with another person to their advantage. He captures souls who are desiring or despairing to use the misfortune of others to their profit. He is ultimately selfish and cares for no one but himself, and passes that attitude on to his mortal followers. Hiddukel constantly attempts to make deals with the other gods, and his lies lead mortals to carry out evil in the world. He is impressed and surprised at the deception of Takhisis in stealing the world from the other Gods. He can call upon nearly all of the Gods of Evil for aid because of his dealing with them and his ability to divert their attention from him if they begin to suspect him.

He hates Shinare, and offers riches to anyone destroying her temples. He also opposes Reorx, but he is too cowardly to do something angering him. Reorx dislikes him because Hiddukel tricked him into forging the Graygem. Majere and Branchala among the Gods of Good are his enemies, as the powers of discipline and positive interaction respectively.

He is said to control all of the ill-gotten wealth in the world. He is also known for contacting and making deals with dying men, who in desperation accept anything. As a payment for his services, he asks the mortal to deliver souls of men. Young maidens and Knights of Solamnia are his weakness.

His church is only nominaly organized. Apart for the Nightmaster, every cleric works for himself. The most important ceremony is the Day of Bartered Souls.

He is portrayed as a grossly obese man with cold eyes and an oily smile. He also appears in the shape of a coin with a grinning and a scowling face. His celestial symbol is the constellation Broken Scale.



  • The Irda (novel) by Linda P.Baker
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