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The Highland Rangers were a group of bandits that operated in the Southern Vingaard Mountains in the years after the War of the Lance. The band was known for capturing wandering groups, ambushing them, and selling them into slavery for a quick profit.

In the year 353 AC, the Highland Rangers attacked a party consisting of Davyn, Nearra, Sindri Suncatcher, Catriona, and Elidor. Two of the members of the Highland Rangers, Dee and Maul, had plans to sell the young travelers into slavery. Davyn, with the help of the woodsman, Set-ai, freed the party but Davyn killed the Ranger, Dee, who was about to stab Set-ai in the back. Set-ai warned Davyn that the Rangers would make this personal. Set-ai sent the band away with light cloaks and one horse into the cold early winter of the Vingaard.

The members of the Highland Rangers were embarrassed but not defeated. Maul, Sam, Grist, Hithar, and two other rangers went after Davyn for revenge. They attacked the party after dawn near the village of Potter’s Mill. The Highland Rangers take the young girl Nearra hostage and use her to get the rest of the party to surrender.

In the night, the Highland Rangers face tragedy as the monster known only as the Beast attacked the camp, killing Sam, Grist, and Hithar quickly. The party of Davyn and his young companions escape the Beast’s fury and the Highland Rangers’ captivity. With their members dead, the surviving Highland Rangers retreated into the forest.

Members of the Highland Rangers[]


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