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The position of Highmage, also called Head of the Conclave, is elected between the the 21 members on the council of the Orders of High Sorcery by a majority vote. Race, sex, and even the color of your robes doesn't matter when a Highmage is up for election. Time has shown though, that usually a Red Robed Wizard is normally the wizard that is elected to the position. When elected, said wizard will run the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth and have powers almost unmatched, including be able able to send someone back in time.

Past Highmages

  • Corenthas ( 2645 PC - 2618 PC) was a White Robe that took part in introducing High Sorcery to Krynn & served as the first Highmage. He stepped down from Highmage because he never got over the deaths of Friane or Shaud.
  • Kharro the Red ( 2618 PC - ? PC) was a Red Robe who became Highmage after Corenthas stepped down. Magic flourished under him and he ordered the construction of 4 more Towers of High Sorcery. He never lived to see the completion of any of these towers, because he died of a strike 3 days before his 50th Life-Day.
  • Gadrella of Tarsis (? PC) became Highmage after Kharro died. She was the first woman and Black Robe to achieve the position of Highmage.
  • Zindreth of Micah ( 2424 PC - 2414 PC) was a Red Robe that oversaw the raising of the Tower of Daltigoth, and ten years later also led the raising of the Tower of Palanthas. He was poisoned the day before he raised the Tower of Palanthas, and as his final act, he cast the spell to raise the tower. He died after the spell was cast. Later in time, it was found that he misspoke the words to the spell and instead labeled the Tower “Doom-Spire”.
  • Usk ( 2414 PC - ? PC) was a Black Robe who figured out that Zindreth had misspoken the spell to raise the Tower of Palanthas, and instead cursed the Tower. He was responsible for the raising of the Shoikan Grove.
  • Kistilan ( 2128 PC) Was taught magic at the feet of the Scions (of Magic) with 20 others, he then killed the other 19 except Megistal, later took control of the wizards of Ansalon and led an assault against the dwarves of Thorbardin. Many wizards and dwarves died and he was later killed by Megistal. Was a Black Robed Wizard.
  • Megistal ( 2128 PC - ? PC) Took over leading the wizards of Ansalon after killing Kistilan. He was also taught magic at the feet of the Scions (of Magic) with 20 others, was a Red Robed Wizard.
  • Orrista of Solanthus (? - 1828 PC) was a Red Robe that established the Inner Circle of the Conclave and expanded the Conclave to 5 members from each of the colored robes, one from every Tower.
  • Lemorras the Grim ( 1828 PC - ? PC) Became the first Black Robed Wizard Highmage in 300 yrs
  • Moranda of Crowford ( 1660 PC - ca. 1640 PC) First was the Master of the Tower at Losarcum, then two years after that became Highmage for 20 years. She was a Black Robed Wizard
  • Vestia (ca. 418 PC) Highmage that closed down Zhaman due to the land of Ansalon no longer needing much to do with mages. Was a White Robe Wizard
  • Yulin the Dour (? PC) Was in power during the Eve of Hammers and Flame, was going to attack both Solamnia and Istar for that night, but didn't when the Solamnics brought the heads of the murderers to him. A Red Robed Wizard
  • Vincil da Jevra (26 PC - 20 PC) Was the a Red Robed Wizard who was the head during the time of the Kingpriest's war on wizards. Was killed when Sir Marto put an axe into his back, Jorelia takes over. He was the two hundredth and thirty-second Highmage.
  • Jorelia (20 PC - 19 PC) Took over as head of the Conclave upon Vincil's death. She later dies about two weeks after the loss of the Daltigoth and Losarcum Towers.
  • Merroc (19 PC - 1 PC) A White Robed Wizard who takes over after Jorelia's death.
  • Astathan of Qualinost (? AC) He became Highmage before Par-Salian, was the one credited with setting up schools for teaching magic all over Ansalon. He is regarded as one of the greatest Highmages in the Orders' history, even by Black Robes. By the time of his death, Wayreth went from being a place of despair to a bustling place. A White Robed Wizard.
  • Par-Salian (ca. 323 AC - 357 AC) Head of the Wizard's Conclave for a long time. Retired after sending Caramon and Tasslehoff back in time. A White Robed Wizard.
  • Justarius (357 AC - 381 AC) Became Highmage after Par-Salian stepped down. Led the Conclave on an assault on Storm's Keep and was killed in the battle there.
  • Dalamar Argent (381 AC - 384 AC) After Justarius died, he took over for a short time due to the Chaos War going on. He then disappears along with the Tower of Palanthas. He was a Black Robed Wizard.
  • Palin Majere (384 AC - 421 AC) Takes over leading what is left of wizards during the Age of Mortals when Dalamar disappears. Highmage that conducted the Last Conclave and then finally stepped down from power after the War of Souls.

Current Highmage

  • Jenna ( 422 AC - Current AC) When High Sorcery returned to Krynn, she was chosen as the next Highmage.


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