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Hildy Bowlderston (? - ? AC) was a Neidar dwarf who married Basalt Fireforge from the infamous Fireforge Clan of Hillhome. She was the daughter of the master brewer of Hillhome and was apprenticed by him to run the family business. Hildy was very fond of Basalt ever since early childhood and was quiet embarrassed when Basalt’s uncle Flint Fireforge would tell stories of their affection towards one another.

She would help Basalt in uncovering the Theiwar secret weapon shipments to the Dragonarmies at Sanction. Later she would help organize the defense of the village and take part in the Battle of Hillhome. Following the battle she married Basalt and rebuilt the brewery. In 365 AC she gave birth to her and Basalt’s first child. Sometime between the birth of their child and 383 AC, Hildy and Basalt bought Moldoon's Inn from Turq Heathstone.

Hildy was a cheerful dwarf who knew much about brewing fine spirits and the history of the Fireforge clan. Her spirits was highly sought after by merchants from all over Ansalon and fetched a high price. She was a very outspoken dwarf who helped Basalt in dealing with his father’s death.

During the Chaos War, Hildy stayed in Hillhome to take care of their family and the inn while Basalt went off to Palanthas to assist in the war. It is assumed that after the war, Basalt returned home to resume being the mayor.


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