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Hippogriffs are a race of intelligent creatures that are half-eagle and half-horse. They bear the heads, claws and wings of an eagle, and the hindquarters, neck and mane of a horse. Whilst they do eat meat, they are not hunters like normal griffins, instead acting more like a wild horse.

On Ansalon, hippogriffs are wild and untamed, often traveling in packs. Only on the rarest of occasions is one captured, tamed and used as a mount. On Taladas, in the elven nation of Armach-nesti, the Silvanaes Elves frequently tame hippogriffs and use them as mounts. When used as mounts they are trained easily and are known to stay clear headed in battled.

The Silvanaes Elves refer to hippogriffs as sky-steeds and treat them with care. In response, the intelligent hippogriffs are fiercely loyal to the Silvanaes Elves and will protect them if a threat arises.

Kender Tales[]

One source said that while hippogriffs will attack in groups sometimes they usually live in mated pairs. It also said that they only have the intelligence of a horse. The source said that they do not make good mounts due to their instinctual desire to eat anything including humanoids.


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