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Horkin (? AC - ? AC) was a male Human who was the war wizard for the Army of the Mad Baron. He was a short and solid individual, who had a red face and was completely bald, had intense blue eyes and wore the brown robes of a magic-user that is not a Wizard of High Sorcery. The mage had a dislike of most Tower mages, but honored his mistress Lunitari.

Horkin served the Mad Baron loyally, often operating out of Langtree Castle. By 348 AC, he was in his late forties, when he was assigned a young mage to assist him in the army, by the name of Raistlin Majere. Horkin took to calling Raistlin "Red", as became the young mage's instructor and mentor.

Horkin had served with the Baron on many a battle and siege, and he had procured many spellbooks, some of great power, into his possession. He spoke of the Alubrey expedition were amongst others, a Black Robe spellbook with great powers was taken.

Raistlin came to like the mage, and sometimes procured a sense of humor from the man, and Horkin began to understand the darkness that surrounded the mage's soul. In a council with the Mad Baron, Horkin adamantly told the court that Raistlin was cleverer than he. Horkin acknowledged Raistlin's bravery and deeds in battle by addressing him by his real name, instead of simply Red, as the campaign to siege the city of Hope's End came to a close.