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Hult (405 AC - ? AC) was a Uigan male of the White Sky Clan. He was tall for a Uigan and had a lean athletic build. Hult's skin was tanned and weathered. He had blue tattoos like other Uigan on his cheeks. Prior to his adventures away from the Tamire, Hult had a black beard and would shave his scalp except for a long black brand. Once he began his adventures away from the Tamire he let his hair grow out as a sign that he was going to forget the past and live his life. During these adventures, Hult lost his first and middle fingers on his left had.

Hult was the son of Holar and he had a sister that became a Mislaxan. Before he left the Tamire, he had a mount named Nightsedge and was a skilled rider like the rest of his people. Hult was known to have great eyesight and be a skilled climber. He was also a follower of Jijin.

Early Years[]

Before Hult was born, his father Holar died. As a child Hult loved to climb. The elders named him Jasho, which in the Uigan Language meant, "monkey". Hult also would play Utanka with the other children and was one of the best at it.

In 419 AC, Hult traveled with Yamur, Lachar, Kaligai, Chag, and his best friend Ushim to do their ritual hunt in the Panak Desert to become men. The boys came under the attack of a Uitayuik. They ran but only Hult, Kaligai, and Lachar managed to return home. When they returned the three of them swore an oath never to return to the Panak.


By the time Hult was nineteen, he was the Tenach for Chovuk Tegin. He was quite young to achieve such a position. In 424 AC, Krogan Boyla came to visit the White Sky Clan in Undermouth but was ambushed by the Kazar. Krogan managed to survive the attack and was found by Chovuk and Hult. Much to Hult's surprise Chovuk killed Krogan with a Kazar arrow. While Hult was shocked he did not ask why to his Tegin. It was against custom.

Chovuk desired to become the next Boyla. At Krogan's funeral, he made a claim for the position. Torug Tegin also made a claim and laughed at Chovuk's idea to make war on the Imperial League. Eventually the two fought, the battle also included Hult and Torug's tenach, Fox. In the fight Hult managed to kill Fox, but was hit in the head by Torug. Chovuk then killed Torug by unexpectedly changing into a Steppe-tiger. Chovuk then became the Boyla of the Uigan.

Chovuk and Hult then went and made an alliance with the Wretched Ones after Chovuk killed the King of the Mountain. Together the Uigan and the Wretched Ones then decimated the Kazar at Khal.

The two then journeyed to the merkitsa. There they were captured by the Elves and in the process Hult was hit in the chest and thigh by two elven arrows. When Hult later awoke he found that he was healed but had to fight a Hatori. During the fight he almost lost a leg but managed to kill the creature. The elves again healed him and gave to Chovuk their best archer, Eldako to use in his war.

The armies began to attack the Imperial League towns of Rudil and Malton along the Tiderun Strait. During this time Hult became increasingly worried that his master might be becoming under the influence of some dark force. When the armies tried to cross the Tiderun they met part of the Sixth Imperial Legion led by Marshal Barreth Forlo. Barreth's men managed to hold off the hordes until a huge wave caused by Magic descended and kill nearly all the Uigan. Hult and Chovuk were not killed by the wave and Chovuk entered combat with Barreth directly. Barreth managed to mortally wound Chovuk in front of Hult. Hult then put Chovuk out of his misery as per custom. He was then supposed to kill Barreth and then himself, but he could not bring himself to do it.

Barreth spared his life and Hult not knowing what to do began to follow him around. The two could not communicate since neither spoke the same language. When Barreth left the battle to return to close by Cold Hope, Hult came with him. They returned to find Barreth's wife, Essana Forlo, and the Hooded One were taken.

Tracking the Hooded One[]

Hult met Shedara at Cold Hope and with Barreth the three decided to find Essana and the statue even though neither could talk to Hult. When they left they were attacked by shadow-fiend and were saved by Eldako. Shortly after, Minotaurs of the Fourth Imperial Legion came to arrest Barreth for leaving his post after the Battle of the Run. Shedara and Eldako managed to escape with magic, but due to Hult's cultural suspicions against magic Barreth and Hult were captured.

The minotaurs cut off Hult's braid and made Barreth and him fight Horax in the arena of Kristophan. They were given back their weapons including Hult's Shuk, but they had been tampered with and broke quickly into the battle. Hult managed to kill one with his bare hands, but lost two fingers to another one. Eldako, Shedara, and a group of Silvanaes Elves then saved Hult and Barreth. Shortly after the rescue, Hult was given a Charm of Gilona by the elf Nalaran. With the charm Hult was finally able to speak and understand his companions.

Hult then traveled with Eldako, Shedara, and Barreth to the Panak breaking his vow never to return there so they could talk to Wyrm-Namer for clues on the Dragon that took the Hooded One. On his way he decided to let his hair grow out instead of just regrowing his braid as a sign that that life was in the past.

The group then journeyed to the Marak Valleys to investigate the shadow-fiend. There they encountered the Teacher who was the person manipulating Chovuk. Hult got his revenge by beheading him. They then traveled to Neron and were attacked by Gloomwing. Eldako then appeared to sacrifice himself and killed the dragon. They later were able to save the wounded elf from being captured by Yaggol.

The group, along with some Cha'asii, marched into the jungle of Neron to the Temple of Akh-tazi. There they met the rest of the Faceless Brethren as they were about to fuse Maladar an-Desh's spirit to Barreth's and Essana's new son Azar Forlo. The Faceless Brethren magically accelerated Azar's aging so the boy was already an adult. The group managed to interrupt the ritual but in the end Maladar took over Barreth's body instead. In the struggle the Faceless Brethren were killed and Eldako sacrificed himself to kill The Master. Maladar in Barreth's body escaped leaving Hult, Shedara, Essana, and Azar behind. They buried Eldako and Hult referred to him as his sword-brother and hoped to one day bring word of Eldako back to the Uigan and the Merkitsa so all could sing of his bravery.


Hult, Shedara, Essana, and Azar then left Neron and crossed the Blackrain Hills in pursuit of Maladar. Hult began to feel that he lost his honor for failing to protect Barreth. On the journey Azar began to use strange magic. Shedara used her magic on Azar and the group learned that Azar was killed by the Faceless Brethren and later brought back to life. As the group traveled through the Dourlands, Hult managed to kill the Black Tongue chieftain whose tribe was working for Maladar.

The group then traveled to the Suluk of the Rainward Isles and warned them of Maladar and his mounting Hobgoblin army that was moving toward the isles. Together the group fought with the people of Suluk against the hobgoblins, but Maladar used his magic and destroyed much of the city. If it were not for Azar, the group would have died.

After the destruction, the King Nakhil asked Hult and Shedara to go west to see what Maladar had done there. Nakhil and his vizier, Roshambur, also joined the journey. Azar volunteered to come, but first Roshambur and Shedara together used magic to find out that the Faceless Brethern used magic to fuse part of Maladar's spirit to him when they killed him and brought him back to life and this is what gave Azar his powers.

They crossed the Shining Lands and with the help of the Glass Sailors the met up with the minoi of Ilmachrutandabrunthabram. The Gnomes gave them a fireship, Bandragothashingarthogliduras, to sail the on the Burning Sea to get to the Chaldar. During this part of the journey Shedara and Hult began to have strong feelings for each other.

At the Chaldar, the group fought Maladar and managed to free Barreth. Hult cut the "cord" that linked the two parts of Maladar's spirit and this vanquished him. Azar gave a lot of himself in the battle and with his last effort he magically sent Barreth, Hult, and Shedara to safety.

Azar teleported them to the Columns of Bilo and from there the three made their way back to the Rainward Isles. After the battle, Hult decided not to lift a sword again. Hult and Shedara traveled with Barreth back to the isles so he could rejoin with Essana. The couple then traveled together. First to the Dreaming Green to tell Eldako's father how his son died and after that they were not sure where they would settle and thought they would wander for sometime from the Tamire to perhaps back to Neron among other places. They told Barreth that perhaps in a few years they would return and see Barreth and Essana.

Kender Tales[]

It was said that Holar gave Hult his shuk when he was ten and died shortly afterward, but Hult's father died before he was born. Likely the saber was left to him and he received it at ten.


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