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Hylo is a kender nation that is located north of Northern Ergoth and Sikk'et Hul with the Straits of Algoni to the east in the AC era. During the PC era, Hylo was located near the Empire of Ergoth's provinces of the Eastern Hundred and the Mountain Hundred. The kender from Hylo are called Hyloian. The forests of the land are temperate year round, very little snow falls in the winter months except for a few flurries. In order to become the leader of Hylo for a year, you must win some sort of contest on Election Day, which could involve spitting seeds, who can swim the fastest, or even stand on your head the longest.

Age of Dreams

Hylo was founded in the year 2600 PC. A clan of kender accidentally "found" the Sentinel Mountains when a flying citadel they had borrowed accidentally crash landed into the mountains. They claimed the land and started building their first villages. The kender named their new nation "High" and "Low" for how high the citadel flew and for when the citadel crashed into the mountains. It was later shortened to just Hylo by the kender.

Hylo became a major trader with both the Empire of Ergoth and Tarsis by the year 2431 PC. A King Lucklyn I approved becoming a vassal of the Empire in that same year, which resulted in a war between the Empire of Ergoth and Tarsis in the year 2421 PC. In the autumn of 2412 PC, the final battle took place on Hylo soil at a battle called the Battle of Three Rose Creek. The Empire, led by Tol defeated Tarsis and the hold of the Empire on Hylo was permanent.

Following the Rose Rebellion in 1791 PC, Hylo gained its independence from the Empire of Ergoth. The kender of Hylo then allied themselves with Solamnia.

Towards the end of the Third Dragon War in about 1018 PC, Hylo was overrun by Takhisis's armies. The lands were freed shortly after they were taken, after Huma Dragonbane defeated Takhisis when he stabbed her with his Dragonlance.


During the Cataclysm, southern Hylo was destroyed and the northern and eastern parts of Hylo were submerged underwater. The kender of the land were scared witless and couldn't understand why they were being punished for what humans of Istar did. This caused many of the kender to become very religious. Even though this destruction killed many thousands of kender, it also brought peace and prosperity to the nation for almost four hundred years.

Age of Despair

While the War of the Lance raged across Ansalon, the kender of Hylo were completely unaware that a war was even going on. Some tales were brought to the kender about a war, but most thought it was just a good story. The goblins of Sikk'et Hul pledged an alliance with both Hylo and Northern Ergoth during this time.

Age of Mortals

In the Age of Mortals, Hylo sees their fellow kender from Kendermore flee to them, following the destruction of their homeland. This has caused great tention and strife between the two races since the kender that came from Kendermore brought a lot of afflicted kender with them.


  • Hylo City - Capital
  • Gobwatch
  • Hidal
  • Legup
  • Lemon
  • Lookit
  • Ocean Town
  • Safehold
  • Thisway
  • Tower


  • Lost