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The Iconochronos is a single scroll of purest white vellum stretch between two large golden spindles, and has been written in by Astinus to include all the key events that have taken place across all of Krynn. When you open the scroll, you can see as far back into the history of Krynn since it was created. If you try and view the future, all you find is an endless supply of vellum, with the ending date being what is the most current.

It is known that Astinus added some of the reliable information found in the songs and ballads of the Lifescroll of Song about the Age of Dreams to the Iconochronos.

A rumor behind the Iconochronos is that one could calculate when the world of Krynn is going to end by seeing exactly how much blank vellum there is in the scroll since Astinus has said he would be there at the end of the world. No one may alter any of the histories on the Iconochronos except for Astinus; nothing can destroy the Iconochronos either. Most people can use the Iconochronos to research famous people, places, or things and can speed that up with a legend lore spell.


Besides the major artifact of Iconochronos, there is a series called the Iconochronoi. This is a series of novels that Astinus writes in also and were kept in the Great Library of Palanthas. These books were named the following:

  • Iconochronos, Vol. I
  • Iconochronos, Vol. II - Was found in Xak Tsaroth in 351 AC.
  • Iconochronos, Vol. III
  • Iconochronos, Vol. IV
  • Iconochronos, Vol. V
  • Iconochronos, Vol. VI
  • Iconochronos, Vol. VII
  • Iconochronos, Vol. VIII
  • Iconochronos, Vol. IX
  • Iconochronos, Vol. X - Was currently being penned by Astinus in 351 AC.

The Iconochronoi disappeared when Astinus vanished following the Chaos War along with the Iconochronos. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Kender Tales[]

Dragonlance Adventures refers to the Iconochronos as a series of scrolls that fills a library, but this likely really refers to the Iconochronoi. Adventures also says that Astinus divided history into five ages in the scrolls called: Age of Dreams (before 4000 PC), Age of Light (circa 4000 PC – 2501 PC), Age of Might (2500 PC- 1 PC), Age of Darkness (0 PC331 AC), and Age of Dragons (after 332 AC), but this is incorrect.