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Ilmachtothtalchder is one of the cities of the Bilo Gnomes, based around the Bilo Columns. It is considered a lost city, which was abandoned when the Chromatic Dragons were freed in 210 AC, and several of them took control of the settlement. The few Bilo Gnomes who didn't flee were toyed with and killed by the dragons. Gnomes from other settlements were too fearful to come to the tower and fight the dragons, preferring to shun the tower instead and no longer think of it as one of their settlements.

The most powerful of the dragons who claimed the tower was Masud the Hateful, a fearsome female dragon, who took residence in Ilmachtothtalchder with her mate. Since then Masud has borne a clutch of hatchlings and the numbers of dragons in the area have increased. Her mate has since passed away, however Masud is keen to find another mate to breed more hatchlings and continue her dominance of the area.


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