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Impaling Thrones are artifacts from the time of the Yaggol empire. They are about fifty feet tall spiral thrones the color of aged bone, cracked in places. A groove runs along their length, from the thorn's red tip, a fire can seen. Its color is determined by the elemental composition of the plane they are connected. If connected to the plane of Chaos the fire will be black in color. An Impaling Throne is also known as a Winding Thorn.

An Impaling Throne can pierce the boundaries of the planes. Its other powers are unknown but it has demonstrated the ability to replace its home plane material with that of the plane it is currently connected.

World Gash[]

The Fire Dragon Blazewight acquired an Impaling Throne from the Mahkwahb of the Blood Shoal. He was using it to try to heal his cursed body. In the process the throne made the surrounding area tainted with the blood of Chaos creating the World Gash. Blazewight was stopped by a group of Dargonesti Elves and Dimernesti Elves teaming up with the Mahkwahb, but the Impaling Throne remained with the dark sea elves. After Blazewight’s defeat, the Mahkwahb started negotiations with Sahuagin for an alliance. It was also revealed that they were in possession of two thrones as well. Zeboim desires to use the three thrones to flood the world and make it an ocean world.


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