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The Inner City (later referred to as the Inner City Ruins) was a district in the city of Daltigoth. It was located in the western center of the city.

Before the Cataclysm, the Ergothians of the Inner City would keep time by the shadow of the highest tower passing across a series of marks on the district's wall.

History of the Inner City[]

Age of Dreams[]

When Daltigoth was the capital of the Empire of Ergoth it was the true center of the empire. The district was walled with a high white wall. The wall was sixteen paces think. The center of the inner city was the Imperial Plaza. To the north was the Imperial Palace and to the south were the College of Wizards and the Tower of High Sorcery. Just inside the gate to the Inner City was the Imperial City Guard Barracks. Also, the only other building in the district was the city’s Rider’s Hall.

Age of Might[]

During the Battle of Daltigoth of the Lost Battles in 19 PC the Tower of High Sorcery was destroyed and with it most of the buildings of the district and a quarter of the city. The ground also cracked open and the rift it made would later be called the Dregs.

Post Cataclysm[]

The poorer trolls and ogres of the city would live in the Dregs and ruins of the Inner city.

Age of Mortals[]

After the theft of Krynn during the Chaos War, the Heartchamber of the ruined Tower of High Sorcery mysteriously reformed and it became an active portal to Bastion.

The Conservatory of the Magi was built by some Ogre Mages of the city in the ruins. The Ogre Mages would send out expeditions into the Dregs to find magical artifacts from the ruined Tower of High Sorcery.

Buildings and Locations (Imperial City)[]

Buildings and Locations (Post Imperial City)[]


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