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Iolanthe (?AC-?AC) was a young female from Khur who was the daughter of a well-to-do family with the blood of Warrior Kings. Her looks are very striking, exotic, and sensuous. She has thick, shoulder length black hair with straight bangs, violet eyes that she lines with black khol. Her layered black robes are trimmed in stitched golden runes.

Early Life

At fifteen she ran away from her family to Khuri-Khan, instead of marrying a much older man. Once there she paid a wizard to teach her the ways of magic, which she wouldn’t have been allowed to by her parents.

Her betrothed eventually found her and she killed him after he married her by force. His servant escaped, vowing revenge upon her, to his family, incurring a Blood Feud between their families. She immediately left Khuri-Khan and traveled to the Tower of Wayreth where she became a student of Ladonna.

She took her Test of High Sorcery at the age of 26.

War of the Lance

After taking her Test, she went to Neraka. To make money, she would dance the exotic dances of her people at local Taverns. There she attracted the attention of Emperor Ariakas and became his lover.

After meeting the Blue Lady, she started to play her and Ariakas against each other. When Kit was imprisoned in the Dark Queen’s Temple, Iolanthe secreted her out for reasons of her own.

She is known to have referred to herself as a Witch.