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The Isle of Sancrist is the westernmost landmass of all of Ansalon. It is located west of Northern Ergoth and north and northwest of Cristyne in the Sirrion Sea.

The isle is considered to have two sections: Gunthar and Sancrist. The Sancrist area has many mountain ranges, including the Gargath Mountains, the Majestic Mountains, the Numbered Mountains, the Skyfisher Range, the Sun Range, and the Caves of Pyrothraxus. The Gunthar section of Sancrist Isle has the Whitestone River which leads from the Whitestone Glade to Thalan Bay.



  • Castle Uth Wistan - capital
  • Mount Nevermind - capital
  • Alan
  • Arnisson
  • Castle Ethridge
  • Castle Kalstan
  • Garret
  • Gavin
  • Ker-Relin
  • Ker-Stuart
  • Khas
  • Markenin
  • Pax
  • Town
  • Xenos


  • Caves of Pyrothraxus
  • Gargath Mountains
  • Majestic Mountains
  • Numbered Mountains
  • Skyfisher Range
  • Sun Range
  • Thalan Bay
  • Whitestone Glade
  • Whitestone River


  • Aleph
  • Castle Isherwood
  • Peth

Mystical and Holy Sites

  • Anvil of the World
  • Cave of Meskel
  • Heaven's Claws
  • Weeping Earth Volcano


  • War of the Lance (Sourcebook)