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Ismin was a human nation located east of Taol, south of Gather, west of the Empire of Istar, and north of Dravinaar. Ismin was a landlocked nation located in eastern Ansalon. The eastern border Ismin shared with Istar was mountainous, while most of the nation was flat, plainsland.

Age of Might

In the years 850 - 727 PC, Ismin was conquered during this timeframe by Istar, forming the fledgling Empire of Istar. Midrath and Gather also fell to Istar during this time, all of them becoming the newest provinces of Istar.

While under the rule of the Empire of Istar, Ismin was known as the 'breadbasket' of Istar. Most food was produced in this province to feed the growing army and the growing population of people that were living in the Empire. Ismin was also known for growing a good stock of stallion horses. Knights of the Divine Hammer were known to prize these as their warhorses.


Following the Cataclysm Ismin was no more. Most of it was sunk by the fiery mountain, into the Blood Sea. The most southwestern cornder of Ismin makes up present day Ogrelands near Ogrebond.


  • Edessa - Capital
  • Hullin
  • Jaganna
  • King's Bond
  • King's Shield
  • Nolan
  • Pedrun


  • None

Mystical and Holy Sites

  • Blood Rock
  • Dream Path



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