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Isolde Denissa (? - Frostkolt, 1 PC) was a Silvanesti Elf who had dirty blond hair, long, thin legs, fair skin, hazel eyes, an air of nobility and grace, and was very beautiful.

Isolde and the Rose

Isolde was traveling with a band of other Silvanesti Elves to the famous lordcity of Istar. While enroute to that city, they were attacked by Ogres, but were saved by a Knight of Solamnia named Loren Soth. Lord Soth tells her that she is more injured than what she really was, and tells all in his group to continue on and that he would rush her to Dargaard Keep so his healer Istvan could check her injuries.

While there, Isolde allows Istvan to say that she has to stay and heal, because she has already realized that she loved Loren at first sight. When Loren's wife Korinne Gladria becomes bed ridden with child, Loren and Isolde begin their romantic relationship. Soon Isolde is with child also, when in Fleurgreen, 2 PC, Korinne dies in childbirth.

Fall of a Rose

Isolde married Loren in the middle of Darkember, 2 PC, and to all that attended, she was visibly pregnant. In Newkolt, 1 PC, Isolde gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom they named Peradur Soth. One month later, Soth was summoned to Palanthas by the High Justice, where a panel of Knights charged and found him guilty of the murder of his first wife thanks to the testimony of Soth's healer, Istvan. Sentenced to death, he was rescued from public beheading by a group of his knights, and fled to Dargaard Keep. Not wanting to attack the fortress, the Solamnics banished Soth to Knightlund. Even through all of this, Isolde stood by Soth.

By Frostkolt, Isolde prays to Mishakal for guidance to what they were suppose to do now that they were banished to Knightlund. She gave Isolde a vision that Lord Soth would ride to Istar to try and stop the Cataclysm that was approaching Krynn. She tells Loren who rides off to Istar in haste.


A few days after Soth leaves, Soth returns to Dargaard Keep in a rage, thinking that Isolde has been cheating on him and that his son isn't even his. Right at that moment the Cataclysm strikes Krynn, and a chandelier falls from the ceiling and pierced Isolde's body. She was able to save Peradur and pleaded for Soth to take his son, but he refused.

Isolde then called down a curse upon Lord Soth that he would Die this night but will live one life for every life that died during the Cataclysm. With that, both her and Peradur die in the fire that consumes Dargaard Keep.

Kender Tales

Some references say that she was on her way to Palanthas, when Loren Soth rescued her. She is also described as having pale blue eyes, lily-white skin, and long golden hair.


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