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The Lordcity of Istar was originally a small fishing village founded sometime before 2550 PC, along the north shore of the Lake of Istar, and eventually would be the capital of the Holy Empire of Istar. It would grow to be the center of Good on all of Krynn, and would prove that by not having any hunger or sickness in their capital city. Throughout the history of the Lordcity, Istar has always had a huge rivalry with Karthay to the north. This would continue until Istar finally conquered Falthana.

Istar was a huge city, built almost entirely of crystal, alabaster, and gold. It was built upon nine hills along the northern shore of Lake Istar. A massive white marble wall surrounded the city, some say that was built during the Age of Dreams, and on the walls were statues created of lapis, malachite, and jasper. Gilded gates allowed one to enter the city that was more ornamental than defensive. All the homes had broad arcades, delicate minarets, and tremendous mosaic-tiled domes, and many gardens that were home to rare plants, flowers, and trees along with rare birds, lizards, and other such creatures. The streets were wide and kept very clean. Most of the main streets were lined on either side by trees.

Many statues were all over the city, first of Paladine, then later of Kingpriests, especially Beldinas. The weather for the city was hot during the summer, and then raining during the winter with hardly ever there being snow.

People could always be found in the streets of Istar, being home to around half-a-million people. They were primarily human, with some Silvanesti Elves mixed in, and minotaurs could be found as people's slaves. Beneath the city was a secret opal mine that the Lucanesti Elf were forced as slaves to mine. A series of earthquakes in 3 PC closed off these mines, killing most of the elves. These were the first earthquakes in almost a thousand years.

This was also the place that, in his arrogance, in 0 PC, the Kingpriest ordered the gods to make him a god along with them. Then he would be able to rid the entire world of Evil. The gods were angered by this, and threw a fiery mountain down upon his temple, sinking the city deep down into the Courrain Ocean. The ruins of the city can be found at the bottom of the Blood Sea of Istar.

Istar the Ruin[]

When the fiery mountain struck the Great Temple, it caused a huge hole to be created that went to a gate to the Abyss. This hole would suck down water from the Blood Sea, and then expel the water over a great distance. The only way to enter the city is through a few passes that go through underwater mountains. If someone attempted to enter Istar from the surface, they would be sucked into the Maelstrom.

Shortly after the Cataclysm Speaker of the Moon Nakaro Silverwake ordered Apoletta and some followers to investigate the ruin of Istar. She and her followers cleansed the ruin of many horrors and found many buildings that still held air. Istar would then become a city in the Dargonesti nation of Watermere. Over the years, Apoletta and her people continued to save sailors that were dragged down by the Maelstrom.

During the Chaos War, the city was attacked by the Magori, and almost all the races living there were destroyed. Apoletta led the defense of the city with the other races, and they were able to defeat the Magori. The city though was almost abandoned following the war but Apoletta stayed with some followers. The city would begin to grow again with Dargonesti and other races including fifty Qualinesti exiles.

Following the War of Souls and through Apoletta's exploits, power started shifting from Watermere's capital of Takaluras to Istar. It was predicted that in time Apoletta would be the next Speaker, and Istar would possibly become the most influential city under the sea.


Locations in Istar Before Cataclysm[]

Districts of Istar[]

Parks and Plazas of Istar[]

Buildings of Istar[]

Roads and Streets of Istar[]

City Guilds[]

Locations in Istar Post Cataclysm[]

  • The Pit (Istar)
  • Steward’s Palace

Key Dates[]


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