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The Istarian War was a war fought between Istar and Silvanesti, when Istar thought they could take advantage of the elves to the south. It began with a blockade of Silvanost in 673 PC. Daring elven merchants, such as Dimorian Fallabrine, would race through the blockades to trade with other human nations. The Emperor of Istar felt that every flake of gold was his, and by decree wanted control of the Silvanesti trade.

This war would last until Dimorian sailed down the Thon-Thalas with an armada and crushed the blockade. They then sailed up to Istar and blockaded the city of Istar. This brought Istar to its knees, and Istar was forced to sign the Swordsheath Scrool with the Silvanesti Elves.

Kender Tales[]

One reference said the Kingpriest was the one who started this war, but since the first Kingpriest didn't exist until 280 PC, this could not be. Another source says the war ended when the blockade was crushed, but it ended with the blockade of Istar.


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