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Istvan (? - ? PC) was a healer at Dargaard Keep who served Loren Soth. In his prime he was short, with a stocky build, and thick brown hair. In his older years, his hair turned white and looked like tattered threads hanging from his head, was thinner and scraggier, but was still nimble and very smart.

He assisted Loren Soth in some of his atrocities, even taking on Isolde Denissa as an assistant. When he is brought to Palanthas for the trial of Lord Soth, he testifies that Lord Soth was a good and honest man at first, but that would soon change with the spell that is placed on him. When he is put under a spell that makes the person tell the truth, he tells of all of Lord Soth's evil deeds and in the end, doomed him.

It is unknown what became of Istvan, but it is assumed that he might have been taken away with the other true clerics of Krynn just before the Cataclysm.


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